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France road trip

Road Trip to France

A trip to France was a must and I spent around a week travelling a circular route via Poitiers and back along the west along the coastline.

All added up to around 20+ hours driving but there was no more than around 3 hours in any one trip.

A shorter trip followed with around 4 hours drive over a shorter period of time, but with a little more time to spend at each stop.

To me, it's all about finding a balance between too much and too little, in regards to driving and stopovers.

France road trip Vera Too camper van in-build

Introducing 'Vera Too'!

I introduce you to 'Vera Too', the latest and current conversion of a camper van.

Based on a LWB and hi-top Movano, this project took around 4 months to complete (part time/spare time) and I always say that it's under "continual development".

Over the 4 months the van was stripped, insulated, first fix wiring installed and ply lined.

Then the main fit out with furniture, and finally the finer details and finishes.

You can see more info and detail here:
Blog post: Converting the camper van from the start and more info can be seen on the rest of the same blog.

Yorkshire coast tour

Living in a van

Living in a van (albeit just for holidays and not full-time) can be a little different in reality than off-plan, and I'm always finding little bits to tweak, change or improve.

However the breaks themselves can be relaxing and rewarding, especially knowing every part of the van inside out!

Here's a recent trip along the Yorkshire Coast, a lovely drive along the coast from Spurn Point, towards Whitby and Filey Brigg.

Useful Groups

There seems to be dozens of forums and groups and here's a couple that I find useful.

Campervan Self Build: https://www.facebook.com/groups/330513639669

Self Build Campervans: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sbcampervans

Though I offer this with a word of caution; While these groups can be, and are, really helpful if you are converting a van to a camper - there's usually someone who posts with 'robust opinions' or with a little satire. I've seen cheap and low budget converters berated and high end conversions sneered at - but please just take from them what you can and good luck with your build!

Peter Morley

Previous entries

Expensive school holidays

Considering over-priced package holidays during school holidays I looked at other holiday options for my son Harry. We've tried tents and cabins in Italy, Gites in France and a Casa in Spain but travel costs soar in August. We love camping however I find a week a little too much as opposed to 2 or 3 nights (and the weather is always a risk).

Campervan in-buildCampervan completed

Pricey Camper Vans

So after months of deliberation the camper van idea came to a head and this is something I've always wanted to own. However camper vans are pricey; I viewed vans of W or X registration (1979 - 1981), some 23 years old, commanding up to £10K, the VW T5's are a fortune, and I've looked at 55 to 58 plate (2005 - 2008) Vauxhaul Vivaros or Renault Traffics with 50,000 to 77,000 miles at a staggering £28K - £31K!

Reliable Conversions

So, the idea (though not unique) was to use 55 or 58 plates from the existing fleet of Vauxhaul Vivaros or Renault Traffics that I already own and convert them into camper vans myself. Then came the idea to sell on the converted vans after I'd used them as campers myself for 3 to 6 months. During that time I get to know the vans inside out and make modifications and adjustments to further improve on the conversion. Having had the vans from new, they are well maintained and come with full knowledge of their service history; and only when they are fully-checked and cleaned do I sell them on.

Flexible Camping Holidays

I'm able to keep the cost down by using vans from a fleet that has written down, we have access to trade prices when it comes to buying any fittings such as components for electrics, gas and water, and contacts within the trade for GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) for the semi-high roofs. Utilising our experience from installing other systems we're able to fit out a van with trusted and tested electrics, Corgi installed gas, rock and roll beds and professionally fitted interiors at a much more competitive price.


Here on my blog I'll publish a record of any conversions and their progress along with any selling prices as they become available. All the camper vans will be competitively priced. CVV? We decided to call the first one 'Camper Van Vera', even before it was even finished (named after my late mother) and the name has not changed since!