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Social Networking: Real and Virtual

Chatting in the pub or over the garden fence is a national pastime isn't it, in any country? But as we've embraced the web, social network sites seem to increase our thirst for networking and communication.

To me this is only become possible, or at least more easily accessible, because of entrepreneurs such as the founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Both of whom have been turning the world upside down. This was all happening roughly at the same time as the likes of Microsoft and PayPal jostled for position - backing guys such Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facemash which later became Facebook) along the way.

Love it or hate it, most of us use social networking sites. I do both personally using such platforms as Facebook, and professionally via Linkedin or Twitter.

Wikipedia suggests that Linkedin reports more than 100 million registered users, spanning more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, and Twitter has gained popularity worldwide and is estimated to have 200 million users. So professionally I'd be daft not to.