Land Rover Defender For Sale

Land Rover Defender

A British icon

Most people love the classic shape of a Land Rover, especially the Land Rover Defender which has become a British icon. Supposedly reserved for farmers and used as a work horse, they have become more and more popular; and I love them too. It's a good job I do because they are uncomfortable, cold, bumpy, and basic - but reliable and great off road.

Get's me to work in Winter

I use a Land Rover Defender just for the winter, and have been fortunate to have one the last few years during the relatively bad snow. However I'm also a business man and saw the opportunity to buy and sell a few while enjoying the use of them!

Buy a Betty

All the Defenders I sell are pre-loved and looked after and affectionately named 'Betty'. You won't see a row of them on a car sales pitch nor do I sell lots of them. I only buy if they are in good condition with a service history, and usually run them for anywhere between one and three months. During this time any minor improvements or cosmetic repairs such as locks, trim or handles are carried out, they are thoroughly cleaned, and they are then taxed for up to 6 months and and an MOT of up to 12 months.

Check availability on my blog

You can see what's available for sale here at my blog, and as and when there's another Defender ready I'll post any pictures and prices.