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I don't know anyone that doesn't like music of some kind, and the variety of music that's available to suit all ages and tastes has never been easier to buy, download, or listen to. I've varied tastes in music and open minded about anything anyone chooses to listen to, whether mainstream or not. I'm sure we've all got MP3's bursting with downloads,veasy access to tracks via the web, and boxes of what now seem old fashioned CD's. But I'm more about live, new, raw and unheard of talent, and therefore support the below singers and bands when I can.

These are not just musicians but good friends too, and it's great to see them gig - it's their passion simply to perform



First heard this band sometime ago and I think it's definitely worth a visit to one of their gigs.

They are a five member, indie rock, band that plays modern contemporary covers as well as old classics. The lead vocalist is excellent and the two guitars, bass and drum players all provide backup vocals.

They tell me that they are available for weddings, parties, Bar Mitvahs, etc.

The band's website provides a lot of info as well as more photographs, gig listings and videos.

Facsimile's website and their Facsimile's Facebook page.

Katie Stewart - R&B Singer

Katie Stewart

Katie is a good friend of mine and I've tried to support Katie when I can in her solo career.

Katie has released a CD for only £6.00 + p&p, see her Listen to Katie page for the full track listing and to buy the CD.

As a little girl, Katie was enrolled into a local choir by the choir mistress after she happened to be passing Katie's parents house and heard her dulcet tones escaping the bathroom window.

Katie is passionate about singing and performs professionally for clients that wish to hire an R&B singer in the North Midlands. This area includes Chesterfield and Derby, as well as the cities of Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham.
Will keep you posted on here of upcoming venues where Katie is due to be singing. You won't regret it going to see her perform.



The Urbanites are a brand new Sheffield-based seven piece band comprising the fellas; Chris - bass, Dave - tenor sax, Mark - drums, Nick - guitar, Pete - keyboard and Tim - alto sax. If you are paying attention you will have noticed that the lovely female vocalist is none other than the aforementioned Katie Stewart.

The band have developed a powerful brass section and tight rhythm section. The Urbanites play great party covers from the last four decades, mainly funk, soul and jazz sounds, especially The Crusaders, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor Quartet, Randy Crawford, Joss Stone and many more.

The Urbanites have placed a cover of Joss Stone's - Super Duper Love, on SoundCloud. You'll hear just how fantastic the Urbanites sound.

The Black Hands

The Black Hands

I'm delighted that my friend Andy Gannon has rekindled his singing career and formed The Black Hands in 2010.

A six piece 'Blues Rock' outfit, The Black Hands consist of Daniel Riley - Guitar & Vocals, Richard Moore - Guitar & Vocals, Andy Gannon - Vocals & Harmonica, Dan Bennet - Bass, Ben Atkins - Drums, Joe Hayes - Keys & Percussion.

The Black Hands perform a fine blend of southern blues and rock, and are ploughing forth with an increasing collection of original numbers.

I used to sponsor Andy and the band he previously sang for so I don't need any excuses to get out and see The Black Hands perform.

When Andy lets me know of future gigs I'll post them here but meanwhile, you can check out The Black Hands on FaceBook and MySpace. There are studio demos to listen to on MySpace.

MP3 Player

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The MP3 player contains samples and tracks from all the local musicians mentioned above. This will demonstrate their vocal quality and expertise musicianship and will go a long way explaining why I am plugging them on my website.

I'll be adding more tracks as they are produced and future gig dates, so come back regularly to check out their progress.