Ducal Palace, Guastalla in Italy


Black and white light meter photo

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Most of us have easy and affordable access to a fantastic range of fast, compact and of course digital cameras. Sharing, cropping and manipulating digital images has never been easier, though I have to get my soap box out when it comes to 'fast fix' software!

Some photographers quite rightly argue that using software to fix images is no different to mixing and dodging in a darkroom, and I advocate the limited use of such software. Some images you'll see on this site have been carefully post processed - and that by itself is an art. But I'm also a little bit uneasy that we shouldn't dilute the skills required at the point we press the button by way of a one click fix. A badly composed picture is still badly composed even after an insta-fix. This to me is the crucial bit.

Here are a selection of images I've taken, in no particular order. I used Olympus 35mm SRLs for a number of years, tried a Minolta, dabbled with a Canon, often used Sony, and taken memorable shots even with a Nokia camera phone. I say a great shot can come out the back of even a cheap camera, and some of my favourite images were taken on an early iPhone - and, they're unprocessed. Of course the speed, quality and versatility gets better with a great camera which is why I've more recently turned to Nikon D300 and D7000 DSLRs.

If you wish to have any photographs taken, for you or your business, then I do take on a limited selection of private commissions.
Please contact me at info@petermorley.me.uk

You can now purchase images from Picfair, free of watermarks, with any shipping and licensing taken care of. Picfair is an ecommerce platform that helps photographers (both amateur and professional) sell their work through their own personal online store via a central marketplace, see https://petermorley.picfair.com

HDR Imaging

High-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI or HDR) produces images with a greater dynamic range and should be more familiar to the human eye due to the luminance, colour and tone. The wider range of colours, tones and light can be created by overlapping and combining 3 identical images which range from under to over exposed.

Generally I capture one standard image and then take two more that are one or two stops over or under exposed either side - and these are just a selection of HDR images that I've experimented with.





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